Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260: Gojo Satoru Finally Returns from the Dead for His Rematch Against Sukuna

The recent spoilers for chapter 260 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga have fans buzzing with excitement and speculation about the potential return of Satoru Gojo, the series’ most beloved character, who met his demise at the hands of Ryomen Sukuna in earlier chapters.

This shocking event had left the fanbase in a state of upheaval, deeply longing for Gojo’s return to aid his students in their ongoing battle against Sukuna.

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Gojo Came Back From the Dead

In chapter 260, the story sees Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo engaging Sukuna in an intense battle. Their near-perfect coordination manages to disorient and challenge the King of Curses, forcing him to acknowledge the difficulty in countering Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique, which keeps him guessing and off-balance.

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As the battle escalates, Sukuna prepares to deploy his Domain Expansion against Yuji and Todo for a second time. However, at this crucial moment, he notices a mysterious silhouette in the distance.

The narration suggests that this silhouette is the strongest ghost Sukuna had killed, hinting strongly that it could be Satoru Gojo returning from the dead.

This revelation has sparked hope among fans who have been yearning for Gojo’s return ever since his apparent death in chapter 236. Gojo’s return could potentially turn the tide in favor of the Jujutsu sorcerers and bring much-needed relief to his students, who are battling against overwhelming odds.

However, there is a cautionary note for fans: this sighting could merely be an illusion or a hallucination induced by Sukuna’s critical condition after sustaining a severe injury from Yuji.

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Given the intensity of the battle and the psychological strain on Sukuna, it’s plausible that the silhouette resembling Gojo might not be real. Fans are advised to temper their expectations to avoid disappointment if it turns out that Gojo has not actually returned.

The impact of Gojo’s death was profound, not only shaking the anime community but also affecting other mangaka. His absence left a significant void in the series, with no other character fully able to fill his role except perhaps Yuji.

Yuji and Gojo

The potential return of Gojo is a tantalizing prospect for fans who have been eagerly waiting to see their favorite blindfolded sensei back in action, ready to take on Sukuna and save Megumi from certain doom.

While the chapter 260 spoilers bring a glimmer of hope for Gojo’s return, fans should remain cautious and avoid setting themselves up for disappointment. The outcome of the ongoing battle and Gojo’s fate will undoubtedly continue to be a major point of interest as the story unfolds.

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